Why You Should Practice Yoga With Your Partner

Why You Should Practice Yoga With Your Partner

In the spirit of Valentine's day, this one is for the lovers and by lovers we mean anyone who has the capacity to love. Put your hand over your heart. Do you feel that? Yup, that's a heartbeat! So this one's for you!

In this blog we discuss ways to create a deeper union with another being which is the epitome of the sankrit meaning of the word Yoga. Partner yoga unites you through movement, breath, communication, intimacy, and a host of other things. Here's some benefits and how it affects your relationship.


In today's society most of us are consistently on the go. The time we spend with our loved ones is usually obligatory rather than elective. Taking a moment to slow down and actually spend quality time checking in with one another spiritually (and physically) shows a greater love and appreciation for yourself and your partner. Remember, time is a love language.


Partner yoga is about interdependence. It is a safe bond where partners rely on each other for balance, grounding, and depth without sacrificing their autonomous identity. Trust is a tricky concept for a lot of people. However, in learning to trust someone you deepen your ability to trust yourself. Over time the trust built while doing yoga together will spill over into other areas of the relationship.


Here is where most conflict in relationship lies but during partner yoga communication is what keeps you and your partner safe. Telling your partner when to go deeper, what is too little, and what is too much- followed by your partner voicing their exact needs as well, creates the perfect eb n flow. Once you're accustomed to the harmony born out of open communication on the mat. It may trigger a different response when met with conflict off of the mat.

Non-sensual Touch

Touching without expectation can be a deep bonding experience. Our skin has receptors that stimulate our brain to produce endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins are the natural feel-good chemicals that reduce stress, anxiety and depression. & Oxytocin is a chemical we release known as the bonding hormone. By doing yoga with your partner you are naturally helping each other feel good enough to relax during more challenges postures.


This practice allows two people to relate to one another through various assisted postures. There’s a level of connection that’s required to raise, lift and trust that the other partner has your back. Especially when your safety is in question. Yet, the challenges involved in mastering these postures together can help foster connection and closeness in a unique way. Yes, the fear of falling is real! But playing together, falls and all is where the magic lies. So grab your partner and let your inner child free.


If you are looking to connect on a deeper, more spiritual level you should consider giving Tantra yoga a try. Tantra works to expand consciousness in all levels of awareness. When practicing with a partner it fosters connection and awareness between you two, recharging the energy you radiate as a couple. Being present with one another, reveling in the space that you co-created enhances your soul attraction.

Not sure where to start? Here's a couple of poses just for you!

Enjoy the moments...

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