The Rise & Fall of Meeyogi Wellness Lounge

The Rise & Fall of Meeyogi Wellness Lounge

On January 1st of 2020, we opened the doors to Meeyogi Wellness Lounge with the intention to help folks heal and evolve. The space was quaint and conveniently located. A safe space for us to do our work in servicing the community.

Just a couple months in, classes were filling up, appointments were consistent and we watched folks leaving the lounge with a sense of relief and rejuvenation. Our client base was diverse; we catered to adults and children alike, from an array of backgrounds and lineages. Many people walked through our doors questioning if it was a home or business. I'd like to think that was because it was warm and cozy not because of the dirty dishes in the sink. Truth is, it felt good to hear people admit it. Not once did we receive a bad review. We even won The V.I.B.E.S. Best Wellness Spa of Tampa award!


Overtime we realized that our business model was not sustainable. The space wasn't conducive for our needs. We planned to remodel the space to accommodate more students; that wasn't the best idea. Raising the prices may have worked, but ultimately we knew that we needed to maximize the use of the space immediately.

By Summer 2020, we relaunched with a new business model that allowed budding entrepreneurs of the wellness (and now beauty) industry to have a dedicated space for their work. Six new Resident Entrepreneurs joined forces with us and agreed to share the space. Estheticians, Hair Specialists, Herbalists and Yoga Teachers all in one space. It was... where wellness and beauty collided.


Peep this video compilation of the good times at Meeyogi Wellness Lounge


MWL was a sector of Meeyogi. It served as our headquarters. The focus was on holistic health and natural remedies. Ultimately, we decided to sell the business in May 2023. The new owners are keeping things how they were, which was really important to me. So much love, healing, evolving and genuine connections happened in that building. I am truly going to miss it!


You won’t believe this though- I'm writing this article from Merida, Mexico right now which proves that dreams really do come true! I was granted an opportunity to build a business in my hometown, Tampa, Florida. With the support of family, friends and the community, we grew a solid base. It's now been 2 weeks since starting my expat journey and I wake up everyday amazed at my life here. After 19 years of Florida livin', I am eager to explore the world and bridge gaps. Let's stay connected.


Peace and Love,



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    I just joined Nandis list and excited to see this directory Grow!

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    I wish you all of the blessings and best on your continued life journey.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I hope our paths collide again soon.

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