Meet the Founder

Myiesha (Mya) Cato - Founder & Executive Director

A yogi, an artist and a muse.


Born in Jacksonville, Arkansas, military-raised, Caribbean-rooted, internationally-known, based in Tampa, Florida. Mya Cato is the CEO of Meeyogi, a wellness brand of healing arts. She is the trillest yoga teacher, a pleasure activist and a forever student of the teachings of life.


Mya has worked with various organizations such as the Allstate Foundation, the University of South Florida, the Boys & Girls Club, and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to offer yoga and mindfulness events to the Greater Tampa Bay Area. She’s been featured on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, Sarasota’s Suncoast, Bloom TV and countless others with much accreditation for her Trap Yoga movement. Having organized over 75 yoga events and led thousands of people in the practice of yoga, Mya is Florida’s favorite yogi. Her list of clientele includes pro-athletes, renowned chefs, and reputable business owners and they keep her busy.


A deep soul rooted in the ground of creative genius, Mya’s work is centered around the healing arts of movement, mindfulness and music. She released her first book, “The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga”, in 2019 to help people learn the basics of yoga. Her project, Shine Ya Light, is a 12-minute guided trap soul meditation intended to help people breathe better, sleep better and be better. 


Mya is a co-founder of Be Dope Do Yoga, a non-profit that offers accessible yoga to the people. She is also a wellness partner with Urban Yoga Foundation to bring yoga and mindfulness practices to the youth, particularly in underserved communities. She is a trailblazer and disrupter in the wellness industry with a little gangsta and a lot of soul in her cadence.


Find her on social media:

IG: @myameeyogi | @myacato | @meeyogitribe

Facebook: Mya Cato | Meeyogi

Twitter: @myameeyogi