Join the tribe

How we grow

Collectively, we inspire and empower one another to become more accountable for our words and actions. As a member, you receive access to weekly virtual classes and an online accountability group with opportunities to connect with other like minded individuals.

Your extended family

Privately we come together to grow, heal and play. You are safe and supported. Wherever you are on your journey, we will meet you there. This is place free from harassment and judgement. We speak life into one another.

Classes are led primary by Mya Cato with occasional guest teachers to share resources for your mental, spiritual, physical, financial and emotional evolution. We meet virtually every week and host ocassional in-person experiences.


Mondays, 7-7:15am EST - Meditation
Tuesdays, 7-7:45pm EST - Movement
Thursdays, 7-7:45pm EST - Movement
Fridays, 7-7:45am EST - Mindfulness

Meditation classes consist of guided breathing techniques and sound baths to ease your mind and body.

Mindfulness classes incorporate art, nutrition, finance, and other aspects of life that require nurturing. We examine literary arts, meal plans, business plans, and everything in between.

Movement classes include power and gentle flows designed to build strength, increase flexibility and enhance vitality.

All classes are tailored to meet the diverse needs of each individual.

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