Virtual Assistant Integration

The secret to building a track record as an entrepreneur: a strong brand. But it can take time to build confidence and find the right methods to monitor a business’s progress. Every business should have an online presence. For some, the thought of setting up multiple profiles, creating content and managing platforms brings about a great deal of anxiety. For others, it can be extremely time consuming to reply to inquiries and keep up with marketing trends.

We help entrepreneurs scale their business(es) through social media management, digital marketing, web development, copywriting, audio/video editing, and more. Let us be your right-hand when it comes to the digital world and how you present your business(es).

We add value to your business(es) by:

1. Performing a social media audit of Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter profiles.
2. Creating and adhering to your brand guide to keep everything in uniform across all platforms.
3. Developing and implementing your content strategy.
4. Scheduling posts and engaging with accounts through comments and direct messages.
5. Conducting mastermind sessions and providing on-going email support.
6. Overseeing the systems to enhance the automation processes.
7. Creating campaigns for brand awareness, selling products/services and generating leads.
8. Designing your website map and ensuring that it is highly functional.
9. Monitoring your social media advertising budget.
10. Defining the roles and responsibilities of your virtual assistant.
11. Determining the policies, procedures and expectations.
12. Onboarding your virtual assistant for a seamless transition into your company structure.

All services are tailored to meet the needs of your company. Allow us to create the consistency that your brand requires to blossom so that you can focus on other departments of your business(es).

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Mastermind Sessions

If you’re serious about expansion and want to leverage the digital world to meet your requirements, this is for you. Together we will strategize to develop new systems and improve the current ones. Skip the hassle of downloading unnecessary apps and paying for software that doesn’t provide a return on your investment. You will receive valuable resources to bring you closer into alignment with your business goals. If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or creator and you want 1-on-1 guidance to bring clarity on your offerings and receive assistance with understanding the various avenues of the world wide web, let us help you become a boss in your industry.

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