Elevating Humanity Through Yoga, Wellness, and Sustainability

Welcome to Meeyogi

Founded in the year 2017, Meeyogi proudly stands as a pioneering force within the realm of yoga and wellness. Our mission revolves around delivering meticulously curated yoga and wellness experiences, with a special focus on those less privileged in our society. We're talking about crafting a holistic well-being journey that nurtures personal growth. Deeply rooted in innovation and unwavering determination, Meeyogi shines as a guiding light for positive change, with a grand aspiration of crafting a world that's both self-sustaining and harmonious.

Homegrown Beginnings, Global Significance.

Starting out with just a pinch of resources and a whole lot of determination, we've woven a strong bond with our community. By paving fresh trails and warmly embracing diversity, we've woven a tapestry of like-minded souls who share an unshakeable devotion to self-improvement and societal progress. Armed with the almighty magic of yoga, our passionate quest revolves around breaking down walls and nurturing a profound sense of togetherness that triumphs over even the most stubborn societal divisions.

Our Impact

$15k Donated to Make Yoga Accessible to Marginalized Communities

60+ Experiences

10+ Brand Collaborations

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Who We've Worked With

What The People Are Saying

"We (The Centre 4 Girls) have been very fortunate to have Mya working with our Middle School girls over the past 5 months. She has done an amazing job of connecting with the girls and helping them to see the physical and mental benefits of yoga! They really enjoy her and we highly recommend her and her great program!" - Walter J.


"I had the honor of attending a Birthday Yoga Social with Meeyogi and it was an awesome experience! This was my first experience with yoga, so needless to say, I was a little anxious and didn’t know what to expect. However, Mya's professionalism, knowledge, and techniques were very impactful and made my first yoga experience an enjoyable success. I totally recommend her classes and I will definitely be attending more of them. Thanks, Meeyogi!!" - Ni Ni


"I absolutely love the Meeyogi Movement. I have attended so many of their events and today’s event Sensoulry was a heart opening experience literally and emotionally. Mya creates these spaces of inclusion and alignment that are just unmatched. She always bring in local vendors and drives community involvement. Thank you for the experiences that have made me enjoy Yoga but also feel open to invite others to enjoy as well." Jah Davis


"I went to the trap yoga for the 1st time this past Sunday. It was filled with yoga poses, stretches & balance exercises. The room was filled with positive people that were on all different levels. The instructor was just a bright beaming light of great energy. She also walked around and helped people who were having trouble with their poses. They have a dj on sight playing hip hop, Afro Beats, trap, and r&b to keep the atmosphere fun. We also have different opportunities to dance while doing the poses and stretches. I absolutely loved it and will be present for the next one." - Shawnanna D.

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