Elevating Humanity Through Yoga, Wellness, and Sustainability

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Founded in the year 2017, Meeyogi proudly stands as a pioneering force within the realm of yoga and wellness. Our mission revolves around delivering meticulously curated yoga and wellness experiences. Deeply rooted in innovation and unwavering determination, Meeyogi shines as a guiding light for positive change, with a grand aspiration of crafting a world that's both self-sustaining and harmonious.

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The Meeyogi Network is for folks who are making wellness a priority. You’re getting wiser. Your body is changing. Your mind is evolving. Your soul is craving meaningful connections. If you’ve been seeking connection with folks who are radical about self-preservation, then this space is for you.

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Homegrown Beginnings, Global Significance.

Starting out with just a pinch of resources and a whole lot of determination, we've woven a strong bond with our community. By paving fresh trails and warmly embracing diversity, we've woven a tapestry of like-minded souls who share an unshakeable devotion to self-improvement and societal progress.

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