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Meeyogi Wellness Lounge provides resources to assist people in developing their wellness lifestyle. Birthed from an idea to bring people together to heal and evolve, we reside at the intersection of yoga, art, cultural competency and health education. From yoga to reiki to massage, we have the best people to assist you in your wellness journey!


Meet the Tribe:

Founder & CEO

Mya Cato

Myiesha “Mya” Cato began her wellness journey in 2014 while in college navigating through a difficult time in life. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and many other family members suffered from medical conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. In an effort to avoid what she once believed to be hereditary, Mya decided to study ways to manage stress and to heal holistically. In 2016, after receiving her degree in Business Administration and her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate, the self-proclaimed trillest yoga teacher launched her personal brand formerly known as “MyaMeeyogi”. A deep soul rooted in the ground of creative genius, Mya’s work is centered around the healing arts of movement, mindfulness, meditation, and music. Mya intends to continue her work for the longevity of her life. Having organized over 50 yoga events and led thousands of people in the practice of yoga, Mya is humbly making waves in the wellness industry with a little gangsta and a lot of soul in her cadence.

Program Director

Marco "Mooyoung"

Marco MooYoung is an International Tantra Yogi and a home health nurse with 18 years of medical experience. He is also the Program Director of Meeyogi Wellness Lounge, overseeing the many projects and programs. MooYoung began his yoga practice when life was starting to become empty and meaningless. Yoga and traveling became a way for self discovery, slowly balancing his energy. Inversions were a representation of his life, upside down. Then he realized when you are upside down you still can stand strong. He learned to appreciate life from all perspectives, started to live it to the fullest, and experience the universe from all aspects. Yoga is a lifestyle and MooYoung provides holistic healing through movement, mindfulness, and meditation.

Wellness Practitioner - Yoga & Dance

Viva Williams

Viva Williams, creator of Soulher Power Fitness, is a graduate of University of South Florida with a major in Communications and a minor in dance. She is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, a choreographer and professional dancer. Viva uses her platform to provide healing spaces for individuals to feel liberated of self-doubt and build confidence in all aspects of life. By strengthening the mind, body and spirit through dance fitness and yoga, Viva encourages her students to honor their power and do what keeps your soul alive.

Yoga Teacher

Shiovahn Gustave

"I teach because yoga I wish to share the peace it has brought me. It would be a crime if I didn't share this. Bringing awareness to the collective when seasons and climate change, like a strong tree, you blend and adapt to the changes with grace." ... Shiovahn started her yoga journey at the beginning of 2019. It was during a time where normal workout routines weren't providing the same release as before. It was during her first Vinyasa class where she experiences mindfulness of breathing and finally releases an enormous sigh of relief! Yoga soothed her mind and brought awareness to the body. Not before long, Shiovahn found Meeyogi classes based in Tampa and gravitated to the representation of the community there - Needless to say, her love of the practice grew. She began her lifestyle and started creating her flows at home and began to share this amazing practice with their friends and family. After two years of practice, she sought for her 200-hour yoga teaching training with The People's Practice and Meeyogi. Shiovahn comes from a dancing background and loves incorporating those movements in her Vinyasa offerings to challenge her students with smiles on their faces. The goal is to provide you peace whenever you touch your mat. One of her favorite lines to start with is " We will learn how to be strong, yet Graceful. Our Focus isn't about how does it look? It's about how your body feels. We are not Ballerinas".

Yoga Teacher

Cortez Ward

Born in Chicago, raised in upstate NY, with roots from Northern Louisiana Cortez had very humble beginnings. Not from a place of security & nurturing, but from a place of struggle & tribulation, Joining the Military while still in high school, Cortez utilized it as a means to be the first person in his family to attend college. He put in 100% effort into practicing trades, training vigorously, remaining resilient after damaging his body, and eventually accrued severe injuries in the line of duty. Returning home to those same humble beginnings, he found further hardship and financial burden, making mistakes, and serving incarceration. As a minority, with African, Puerto Rican, & Native American Heritage, Cortez’s life goal was always to be Healthy, & have Righteousness, Equality, & Unity within himself and among people, “Life Balance”. In yoga we can find grounding, not only through practice & intention, but sometimes through experiences. These humble beginnings offered a permanent grounding for him, a start to his Life Balance. However, he realized that there is a lot more than grounding to achieve this. Cortez continues to seek the rest of his Life Balance, through Yoga & Functional Fitness, & strives to help others find it using the same methods. Offering to others that identify with these beginnings, or perhaps have their own journey to yoga.

Yoga Instructor

Lisa Freeman

Lisa Freeman is an Atlanta native who now calls Tampa her own. She has been practicing yoga for 3 years and found healing in her journey with this practice. As a 200 HR certified yoga instructor Lisa is passionate about serving others who deal with chronic illnesses like herself and sharing this practice with the community. Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite Song: Smile by Michael Jackson Favorite Quote: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” – Rupaul Charles Favorite Food: All things Green! (Vegan/plantbased) Zodiac Sign: Leo

Yoga Instructor

Nicole “Seweu” Toussaint

Seweu, an Air Force Veteran, discovered yoga while at her first duty station in Japan. After living overseas for several years she returned to America by way of Tampa, Florida where she completed a degree in Medical Sciences and subsequently began her Sewing education and design company. She recently completed a 200-hr yoga teacher certification from The People’s Practice in 2020 in the name of self-care and hopes to share her love of self-care thru yoga, skating, sewing and plant based nutrition with others along her journey. Whether on the mat or in her design studio she leads her students with extreme care and provides a safe space for individual expression. She has a great ability to read the room and loves to lead both restorative flows as well as power flows.

Program Coordinator

Jade Gooding

A Tampa Native with a passion for self care and balance Jädé has found a home at Meeyogi. Merging her passion for healing energies and herbal medicine with her background in event and conference management, Jädé will share her skill with all of our members and sponsors to be sure to put on some of the DOPEST festivals, retreats and camps in the state ….. And BEYOND!