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Trap Yoga

Trap Yoga is a unique blend of mindfulness, meditation, music and movement. The intention: To help you become more aligned- mentally, physically and spiritually. Expect to be guided through breathing techniques, yoga postures, and dance elements of the African Diaspora. Move in meditation to the sounds of Trap, Hip Hop and Soul beats. It's a vibe curated for you to release the tension and trauma trapped deep inside. Celebrating in the full expression of your highest self. It’s a whole vibe.

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

New to yoga and not sure where to start? Been away from your mat for a while and want a formal refresher? We've gotcha covered! This workshop focuses on alignment in foundational yoga poses (asanas), including standing, sitting, supine poses, twists, and basic backbends. You’ve already heard that yoga improves physical, spiritual, emotional & mental health BUT you’ve postponed trying it out because · “I don’t know how to get started” · “I’m not sure if it’s right for me” · “I don’t exercise” · “I feel out of place” · “I don’t know if my body is right for Yoga” If this sounds like you, don’t worry, we got you covered! This 3-week series is open to super new beginner yogis as well as those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of alignment and get back to the basics. You are never too tight, too old or too weak to begin a yoga practice. And it’s never a bad idea to get back into, or deepen, an already established yoga practice.

Core Strength & Inversions

This workshop will provide in-depth guidance on a variety of core-strengthening poses and inversions. A strong core will improve nearly any yoga pose. Strengthening the core will also help correct bad posture and support the spine by distributing weight evenly throughout the body. Training the core muscles is not just about getting a flat tummy. It's about creating stability and endurance for safe and free movement. Inversions not only teach us about our physical strength but also our inner strength to face the challenges we encounter in life. We will dissect a variety of inversions such as headstand, forearm stand, chin stand, shoulder stand, handstand, and the many variations of each pose. This workshop is open for yoga students and teachers. It is intended for students with some experience however, a newbie will also find value. We will review the alignment and modifications of core-strengthening poses and inversions to set you up for success.

Meeyogi Mixer

Join us for an intimate evening to get more connected with the tribe. The event will entail mindful games like chess and spades. These games encourage self-awareness, logical thinking, patience and team-building. Immediately following, we will have karaoke time or a movie night. Food & drinks are available for purchase.

Sacred Sister Social

What might it be like to dump the emotional baggage and release the physical discomfort caused by trauma? How would you feel if your worries, limiting beliefs and toxic behavioral patterns can be addressed and transformed? What would the outcome be if you surround yourself with women who were actively healing their inner child and tapping into their divine feminine energy? Sacred Sister Social is an intimate experience for like minded women to journey together with the intention to build sisterhood. A support system for self-identified women to move, release, laugh, cry, create and flourish. Each experience is uniquely curated with healing arts. The intention is always ascension.