Meet Yogi Moon - A Leader of the Meeyogi Tribe

Meet Yogi Moon - A Leader of the Meeyogi Tribe

Moon MooYoung is an internationally-known yogi born in Chicago with roots in Jamaica. Having overcome his personal circumstances through mindfulness practices and self-discipline, he realized that even when life has you flipped upside down (like inversions) you can still stand strong.

In addition to over 5 years of teaching yoga, Moon has almost 20 years of professional medical experience. Through his travels to India, Central and South America, he has gained an immense amount of self-awareness.

MooYoung has cultivated a passion for youth wellbeing; and even more specifically, the wellbeing of marginalized communities. Through his integration of eastern and western philosophies and his application of “The Three M’s” (movement, mindfulness, and meditation), he is able to mentor folks of all walks of life and ages. He is the founder of the Mindfulness Foundation Corporation and a diligent leader of the Meeyogi Tribe. We are thrilled to have apart of the team!



What is one of your current hobbies and why? Swimming is one of my current hobbies, just because.

What is one of your favorite culinary dishes? Vegan empanadas from Nana's Restaurant & Juice Bar.

What is something you would say to 7-year-old Yogi Moon? "You are the hero you been looking for."


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